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Contest Duration:
March 3rd 2014 – February 27th 2015
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2014 MicroCapClub Contest Sponsors

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The MicroCapClub Contest is a long only, buy and hold only, contest meant to identify who the best microcap stock picker is over the course of time. Many can manipulate a stock or just get lucky in the short term. Time is the great equalizer. Each entrant’s portfolio of five microcaps will be evaluated based on 12-month cumulative performance. Contest rankings and performance are updated in real time during the contest, so check back often to see how you are doing. The $10,000 first place winner will be the entrant with the highest cumulative return when the contest ends at close of market on February 27th, 2015. We will also be awarding $1,000 prize to the entrant in 14th place.

Contest Rules

  • Contest is open to anyone

  • One Entry Per Person

  • Entrants must choose 5 microcap stocks. Each stock will have 20% weighting.

  • Each stock must have a market cap of less than $300 million.

  • US and Canadian Public Companies Only.

  • $0.20 stock price mininum.

  • Entrants cannot change their portfolio of stocks once the contest begins.

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2013 Contest Results

Winner Mike King

Congratulations to Mike King (aka MikeDDKing) for taking first place in our MicroCapClub Stock Contest with a cumulative return of +156% in his portfolio of microcap stocks. Mike is one of the most successful microcap investors I know, so this was not a surprise.
Mike’s Prize for Winning: $2,500 cash, plus an expense paid trip to LD Micro 2013 (Up to $500 for Airfare + 2 Nights Accommodation)

November 2012 – November 2013 (Closed) Rankings: