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If you weren’t able to join the circus known as the Rodman & Renshaw Conference, you can listen/see most of the presentations via web cast below.  This year the event was a well oiled machine compared to last year.  This year they had close to 400 companies and 3000-4000 attendees.  Last year they had close to 6,000 attendees in a venue that comfortably holds 3,000 (like fitting 20 clowns in a VW beetle).  When it comes to Micro Cap conferences I enjoy the smaller more intimate conferences, but I thought Rodman did a pretty good job.  For me, possibly the most annoying thing is the companies that didn’t pay the additional $800 to have their presentations webcast.  They paid $5000 to reach 25 people, but wouldn’t pay $5800 to reach 100x+ people.  Annoying.

Nonetheless here are the webcasts by Track:



[Metals and Mining]




[Financial Services]


[Growth/Special Situations]


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