Micro Cap Buying Spree: Who will be next?

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There have been quite a few acquisitions in the micro cap space over the last 45 days across different industries.  I view this as a very good thing as larger companies are obviously finding “bargains” in the micro cap space.

Force Protection (FRPT) Bought for $360 million or $5.52/share by General Dynamics (GD) –31% premium

American Dental Partners Bought for $398 million or $19/share by JLL Partners — 83% premium

Superclick (SPCK) Bought for $15 million or $0.268/share by AT&T (T) –10% premium

Hathor Exploration (HAT.TO) for $578 million or $4.15 per share by Rio Tinto (RIO) — 11% premium over Cameco’s (CCJ) $3.75 buy out offer

INX Inc (INXI) Bought for $8.75/share by Presidio –- 16% premium

Interclick (ICLK) Bought for $270 Million or $9.00/share by Yahoo (YHOO) –- 21% premium

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