Sidoti & Co. Becoming a Dominant Force in Micro Cap

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Sidoti & Co. is quickly becoming a dominant force in micro cap, and THE FORCE is needed and welcomed.  Peter Sidoti started the firm 12 years ago to focus on small cap stocks (<$2.5 billion mkt cap), but in recent years they are getting more active in micro cap (<$500 million mkt cap).

The firm currently has 57 small cap analysts and 16 micro cap analysts with plans to take this to 60 and 20 by YE 2012.  The intention is to have a wide and diverse coverage universe with 700 small cap names and 600 micro cap names covered.

Sidoti & Co. is planning to have two micro cap conferences showcasing 100 companies per conference in 2012 as well as its large small cap conference in March with over 200 companies.

I have to be honest.  As an investor that exclusively invests in micro cap, I really haven’t paid too much attention to Sidoti over the years but that is going to change.  I’ll likely try to make it to one of the conferences this year.  A firm that is pushing quality institutional quality research coverage for micro caps (much needed) is a firm I’d like to support.

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