Micro Cap Club Radio Episode 2

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In this episode, Sean Marconi joins me again in discussing one of the most crucial aspects of micro cap due diligence, visiting a company.  I also share some insight that I’ve gained after visiting 100+ companies through the years.  Whether it was seeing the electrifying corporate culture at ZAGG in 2008, going underground in a silver mine, or being shown oil wells in Texas that ended up not even being the companies oil wells, there is always crucial insight to gain my visiting a company.  (Click the Play Arrow below, or you can download the full radio program)

Micro Cap Club Radio Episode 2

We also talk about two companies in particular that we find very compelling, Patient Safety (PSTX), and Auxilio (AUXO).  Both companies address crucial problems for the healthcare industry.  These aren’t story stocks, they will likely grow revenues 50%+ in 2012 with product offerings that could become the “standard” in their respected fields.

Patient Safety Presentation

Auxilio Presentation

The MicroCapClub (mc2) is an exclusive micro cap forum focused on micro cap companies (sub $500m market cap). The MicroCapClub was created and founded by Ian Cassel as a way to share ideas and to learn from other seasoned like-minded micro cap investors. Our goal at MicroCapClub.com is quality membership and quality stock ideas.  If you are an experienced micro cap investor, feel free to Apply today.

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  1. Hey Ian have you ever thought about teaching this to young ambitious people. I know you don’t have too and you make enough money as is, but like you stated 10 minds is better than one I know quality is a major factor. I would be a dedicated student to your teachiings . Have a great day

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