MicroCapClub Interview with David Thomson Author of Blueprint To A Billion

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I wrote a book review on Blueprint to a Billion a few weeks ago. The book goes into detail analyzing the fastest growing companies since 1980, in particular those companies that reached $1 billion in revenues the quickest.  Of the 7,454 companies that have gone public since 1980, 25% have failed (no longer trade), and only 5% (387 companies) have made it to $1 billion in revenues.  These 387 companies are called Blueprint Companies.  Thomson interviewed hundreds of upper level management teams that are/or were part of these top 5% companies to see what set their businesses apart from the rest. I really enjoyed Blueprint to a Billion because if I know what commonalities are present in successful companies it can give an investor an edge in investing in earlier stage companies like micro caps. (Click the Play Arrow below, or you can download the full interview)

 David Thomson Interview

During this interview with David Thomson, he discusses:

  • David’s background and experience which led him to write the book
  • David gives us a 30,000 foot view of the book
  • The top 100 Blueprint companies
  • David talks about Apple, its growth rate, and future innovation
  • Importance of Management Style and Board Makeup of successful companies
  • David’s thoughts on microcap investing

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  1. great interview – ominous warning to invest now before 2016. Predictions aside, his research is helpful and certainly can help people target their investment efforts. thanks Ian


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