MicroCapClub Radio: Microcap Underperformance, Hard Mailers, and A Few Picks

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Chris Lahiji, MCC Contributor and President of LD Micro, joins me in this program and we discuss several topics effecting microcaps today including the underperformance of microcaps as a whole relative to the general market.  We also talk about a bad side of microcap-pennystocks as it relates to hard mailers and those associated with them.  In the second half of the program Chris talks about why he likes Mad Catz Interactive (MCZ) as a technical trade off its historic levels.  I talk about food safety and transparency  which researchers believe to be one of the hottest emerging global trends and why Integrated Management Information (INMG) will likely benefit as it’s one of the only ways to invest in this trend. (Click the Play Arrow below, or you can download the full radio program)

MicroCapClub Radio Program Episode 3

Disclosure: Ian Cassel is LONG INMG, Chris Lahiji is Long MCZ INMG

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  1. This Chris Lahiji is a huge talent!

    Someone get him his own show.

    I have no bias whatsoever.


    Chris Lahiji

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