Book Review: Axiom By Bill Hybels

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I am part of a book club that meets at a local church Tuesday mornings at 6am with a dozen local executives and small business owners.  Most of the books we read are business books with a Christian theme.  Bill Hybels is the founding and senior pastor of Willow Creek Church just outside of Chicago.  His church has grown to be one of the largest churches in the country.  My local church had the pleasure of having Bill Hybels speak a few months back.  Not only does Bill have a passion for the local church but also a passion for business and mentorship.  Hybels has lead Willow Creek Church for over three decades grow from just a few to over 25,000 in weekly attendance.  When you think about a church of this size, I’m sure it is very similar to running, managing, and growing a business.

In this book, Bill Hybels talks about 76 Axioms (leadership proverbs) that helped him to grow the church and also mentor hundreds of pastors and business leaders. The book is made up of 76 axioms (or chapters) that are divided up into four categories: Vision & Strategy, Teamwork and Communication, Activity and Assessment, and Personal Integrity.  Each chapter is only 2-3 pages long, so you can just fly through the book, but I found it was better to read 10 or so axioms a day so it gives you time to digest the principles.

I highly recommend the book for business owers/leaders as each Axiom is backed by real life examples from Hybels.  The book hits on almost every topic in business from hiring, firing, team building, inspiring change, etc.  I thought the book was very well written and could be enjoyed by a churchgoer or non-churchgoer.

Bottom Line: Read It (Buy It Here)

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