Forbes Interview with Charles Royce of The Royce Funds

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Charles Royce (The Royce Funds) is one of the most well known fund managers in micro-small cap.  Steve Forbes interviewed Royce a couple weeks ago, and I think most investors will find it very interesting.

Charles M. Royce is President and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Royce & Associates, LLC and President of The Royce Funds, a position he has held since 1972. He has 49 years of investment experience, with 39 years as a smaller-company value portfolio manager. Prior to 1972, Mr. Royce served as the Director of Research at Scheinman, Hochstin, Trotta, and as a security analyst at Blair & Co. Mr. Royce holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

About Royce Funds: For more than 35 years, Royce & Associates has utilized a disciplined value approach to select smaller companies for our investment portfolios.  The Royce Funds includes 30 open-end mutual funds, three closed-end funds and two open-end mutual funds offered to variable annuity and variable life insurance companies. In each portfolio we pay close attention to risk and maintaining our discipline, regardless of market movements and trends. We’ve added new funds over the years, and each holds true to our core investment philosophy.

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