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The new MicroCapClub Contest is now live. Entrants have until end of day on October 31st to register and enter their five microcap stocks. The MicroCapClub Contest is a long only, buy and hold only contest. The contest was created to identify who the best micro cap stock pickers are over the course of time. Almost anyone can manipulate a stock or just get lucky in the short term. This contest is aimed to take out the short-term component (ie: manipulation and luck) since time is the great equalizer. Doing well in this contest is a function of macro intelligence + micro intelligence. The stocks you pick for this contest will be evaluated on a 12-month performance.


This contest will be utilizing the stockpools contest platform where you will be automatically enrolled to win $1,000 per week. The entrant with the highest cumulative return after 12 months will win $2,500 cash and paid airfare (up to $500) and hotel to LD Micro 2013.  Once the contest begins, results will be able to be viewed in real time. 

The MicroCapClub (mc2) is an exclusive micro cap forum focused on micro cap companies (sub $300m market cap). The MicroCapClub was created and founded by Ian Cassel as a way to share ideas and to learn from other seasoned like-minded micro cap investors. Our goal at is quality membership and quality stock ideas.  If you are an experienced micro cap investor, feel free to Apply today.

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