MicroCapClub Invitational: Where Food Comes From (WFCF)

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Welcome to the first ever MicroCapClub Invitational where our membership is showcasing several companies we are discussing in our members forum. Food safety, food transparency, and food verification are expected to be some of the top consumer trends of the next decade. A powerful dynamic occurs when there are several large emerging consumer trends and the best way to play it is a microcap stock. Plenty of investors are aware of Whole Foods (WFM), The Fresh Market (TFM), Annie’s (BNNY), Natural Grocers (NGVC), but few have heard of a 17 year old company called Where Food Comes From (WFCF). You ever wonder who actually verifies food labels and source of origin? WFCF does, and they have a 50%+ market share in verifying beef and are now expanding into other food groups. They are now launching their own food label called Where Food Comes From. Listen to CEO John Saunders as he tells the story.


Disclosure: All participants on the presentation are LONG WFCF. This presentation was recorded on January 3rd. All participants were not active in the stock on January 3rd. The company DID NOT compensate MicroCapClub to present.

MicroCapClub Invitational Presentation Lineup and Dates:

January 7th: OptimizeRx (OPRX)
January 10th: Abtech Holdings (ABHD)
January 14th: Parametric Sound Corp (PAMT)
January 21st: Noble Roman’s (NROM)
January 24th: Bridgeline Digital (BLIN)
January 29th: Vertex Energy (VTNR)
January 31st: Greystone Logistics (GLGI)
February 4th: Charles & Colvard (CTHR)

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