MicroCapClub Invitational: BioSyent (RX.V)

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BioSyent (RX.V or BIOYF) is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company that acquires or in-licenses proven drugs and markets them in Canada. Their business model is to build and sell a portfolio of products that have a peak penetration potential that is too small for major pharmaceutical companies. What has fascinated us about BioSyent is their ability to consistently grow revenue and earnings. In fact, their pharmaceutical sales have grown sequentially for the past 12 quarters, which is very rare in the microcap space. In 2012 they announced several new products that they have added to their portfolio plus they have a nice pipeline of additional products that we expect to further fuel their growth. In the most recent quarter they grew revenues 60% and net income 79% year/year.  Listen to CEO Rene Goehrum as he tells the story.


DisclosureMike Schellinger (aka MikeDDKing) is LONG BioSyent. This presentation was recorded on February 11th. All participants were not active in the stock on February 11th. The company DID NOT compensate MicroCapClub to present.

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