Déjà Vu All Over Again: Serial Correlation and Micro Cap Equities

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Perritt Capital Management is one of the most well known microcap fund managers in the country. We are proud to have them as a sponsor here at MicroCapClub. The Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund (PREOX) has a median market capitalization of just $50 million (the lowest of all 8,163 equity funds, according to Morningstar). A few months ago I interviewed Michael Corbett, CIO of Perritt Funds, and you can listen to that interview [HERE]. Perritt also publishes microcap centered white papers, such as the following: 

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Serial Correlation and Micro Cap Equities 

Experienced investors understand how compounded returns can have a significant effect on wealth creation. However it takes more than a little resolve to reap the full rewards of compounded returns, as equities have declined approximately 50% not once but twice in the past twelve years. Despite these periods of steep decline, equities – particularly micro-cap equities – have provided patient investors with large rewards over the long term. Understanding historical trends in market returns might help investors gain the perspective needed to make investing for the long term an easier pill to swallow.

[Full Report Here]

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