What Makes You Angry About MicroCaps?

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I asked our membership of experienced microcap investors to list the things that really irks them about microcap companies. To say the least it was a spirited discussion, but here is the list that we came up with:

In no particular order:

  • Over Promising and Under Delivering CEO’s
  • Overly Promotional CEO’s
  • CEO’s running a stock price instead of running a business
  • High Executive Compensation:  >$250k/year
  • Management teams that own so little stock that they care more about their salaries than the stock price
  • Bad share structures
  • Companies-CEO’s that don’t call me back
  • When I know more about the company then the paid IR person
  • Companies doing reverse splits to keep a NASDAQ-NYSE listing
  • Preferred Share classes screwing up the cap table
  • Companies waiting until they are out of money to raise money
  • CEO’s that think they know it all with stock prices at all time lows
  • Business models whose sole purpose to sue other companies
  • Companies that can’t file on time
  • Companies that don’t issue quarterly earnings releases
  • Companies that go to investor conferences but don’t do earnings conference calls
  • Self described “Visionary” CEOs that never ran a profitable company
  • CEO’s that contact me only when they need something
  • Companies that only communicate when things are great
  • Getting harder and harder to deposit a microcap certificate
  • Brokers not being able to buy microcaps for clients anymore
  • The same corporate governance rules and regulations are the same for a $10m market cap as a $100b market cap
  • Non SEC Filing Public Companies
  • MicroCap service providers (investment banks, investor relations, etc) whose managers don’t even invest in microcaps
  • Companies that Issue Press Releases stating they don’t comment on “Unusual Stock Activity”
  • Companies that issue Press Releases in response to Shorts
  • Companies that do business exclusively outside the US
  • Companies with too many business lines, particularly those that don’t offer symbiotic value
  • CEO’s that are attorneys or scientists by trade
  • CEOs and management teams that never buy stock because they’re always blacked out for some reason or another

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