Adam Epstein and Tim Keating Discuss IPO and JOBS Act

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Joining me on this radio program are Adam Epstein, author of The Perfect Corporate Board, and Tim Keating, CEO of Keating Capital (KIPO). Both Adam and Tim are on the forefront of several issues facing the microcap space, and I thought having them on to discuss a few topics would be very timely. (Click Play Arrow Below)

MicroCapClub Radio Tim Keating and Adam Epstein

On this radio program we talk about:

  • The resurgence of the IPO market
  • Update on the JOBS Act: Crowd Funding, etc
  • Rise in microcap shareholder activism
  • Educating management teams and corporate boards
  • Newly introduced bill to increase tick sizes

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Ian has been investing in microcaps for 15 years and has been a full time microcap investor since 2008. Ian looks to invest in great management teams running great businesses with a moat. He tries to invest in the best 5-6-7 companies he can find at all times. Ian founded MicroCapClub in 2011 to be a place for “real” and experienced investors in the microcap space to share ideas and learn from one another. When Ian isn’t researching stocks or administering MicroCapClub, you can find him reading, golfing, or shopping at Costco with his wife.

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