MicroCapClub Invitational: VolitionRx (VNRX)

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The cure for cancer still eludes us. The next best thing to a cure is the early detection of cancer. In most cases if you detect cancer early enough it can be treated successfully. The holy grail of cancer diagnostics would be a simple blood test with high specificity and sensitivity. VolitionRx (VNRX) is a clinical stage cancer diagnostic company working on a series of blood-based tests for a range of cancers, beginning with Colorectal Cancer (CRC).  The company is starting a lucrative 11,000 patient clinical trial in early 2014 to validate their CRC test. The company expects to have multiple data points throughout 2014 and 2015. If early results prove successful, Volition’s current $25 million valuation will likely expand closer to comparables such as Exact Sciences (EXAS) $950 million valuation. Listen to CEO Cameron Reynolds as he tells the story.

DisclosureAll participants are LONG VNRX. This presentation was recorded on January 8th. All participants were not active in the stock on January 8th. The company DID NOT compensate MicroCapClub to present.

More information on the MicroCapClub Invitational and presentation schedule can be found [HERE].

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