MicroCap Statistics: By the Numbers Part 2

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Microcap companies make up almost half of all publicly traded companies on all US exchanges, including the OTC Markets and OTCBB. Until recently, microcaps have been under appreciated by a bulk of investors and especially the financial press. The tremendous returns garnered by the Russell MicroCap Index (IWC) in 2013 (+45%), and by well known microcap funds like the Perritt Ultra MicroCap Fund (PREOX) +56%, has put the equity class back on the map. Here are a few statistics about the microcap space.

There are currently 18,726 public companies on all US Exchanges (including OTC). Lets now take out the 2,016 companies that are less than $1 million market cap (shells, no corporate entity or operating business) leaving us with 16,710 public companies. (source S&P CapIQ- data calculated on 2/5/14)


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  1. Hello Ian,

    Good day to you, sir. I’m a professional investor who plans to eventually apply to your club (hopefully within the next year or so). I’m thoroughly impressed with your passion and dedication to MCC and microcaps in general.
    I have a question on which I’d love your feedback. I need to lease a single user platform from a financial data provider (Bloomberg, Eikon, etc). I recently read an article (MicroCap Statistics: By the Numbers Part 2) you wrote in which you pulled data from S&P Capital IQ. Can you give me your advice on these different providers. Which have you used? Which do you prefer?

    Feel free to contact me however you wish. My cell is 405.543.7733.

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