Interview with Professor and Fund Manager Sanjay Bakshi

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Sanjay Bakshi is Adjunct Professor at Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon — one of India’s top business schools — where he teaches a popular paper on Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation. MDI students have elected Sanjay as the its best professor for several years.

Sanjay is also a successful value investor with an audited long term track record of of delivering a gross USD return of 24% a year from 2001 to 2012. He is Managing Partner at ValueQuest Capital LLP— a specialist in moats investing. ValueQuest advices some of India’s large family offices in making conservative but meaningful, long-term public market investments. The firm is also the sub-advisor to “ValueQuest India Moat Fund” — an offshore fund which makes long-term, public market investments in undervalued moated businesses run by talented and honest managers. From launch in April 2014 till May 2015, the fund has delivered a gross USD return of 108%, hugely outperforming benchmark indices.

Sanjay writes a popular blog called Fundoo Professor and is also on Twitter. He received his M.Sc. (Economics) from London School of Economics and Political Science. He is also a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

He lives in New Delhi with his two daughters, wife, and mother.

In 2005, Sanjay Bakshi wrote this great piece on his background, and everyone should read it before reading this interview. I also need to point out a great interview by Safal Niveshak from 2014. I will try my best to ask supplemental questions to these interviews/commentaries.

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  1. Professor Bakshi is a great teacher of sensible value investing in India. I am regular reader of his blogs and have benefited a lot from his teaching. His life story is also very inspiring for me. He is a role model for many of us to emulate. I think through his writings and teachings he is building a tribe of like minded serious value investors in India. People who are utterly focused on doing serious work on stock analysis and stock picking. Internet has made this possible. Hopefully we will all prosper using his investing principles.

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  2. After reading this interview I Am Taken Aback and I just have no words to describe my feeling.Surely I can say what I learn from this interview of your both that Direction is more important than speed. Slowly but consistently you should develop your path toward financial independence to experience the world as it really is.
    Thanks Both of you for giving your precious time to all amateurs like me.

  3. Great Interview. The questions were really good and met the objectives set out in the start of the article. It covered a lot of things about the professor and about his thought process which I didn’t know. I really liked the question on the Fund portfolio and the last question about a supportive wife. I was planning to ask him the same when I meet him the coming weekend.

  4. I was a student of Prof. Bakshi @ MDI. He is the best teacher I have seen in my life and a huge huge influence.

    This interview uncovered lot more things which I, as a student didn’t know.

    Thanks Ian for this

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  5. I experienced couple of “going out of shower and noting ” moments .. reading this interview . Thank you so much sir and thank you Ian.

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      Me too. I often get them in the shower, or mowing the lawn (when I did have a lawn), and also when I read books. When I read the creative juices start flowing. I have a digital notepad I use on my iPhone so I can quickly write down thoughts. I’ll be reading and quickly put the book down, grab my cell phone, and write down some thoughts before I lose them. My wife thinks I’m texting or surfing the internet 🙂

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