Microcaps With The Highest Return Over The Last 5-Years

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Our 10-year goal on MicroCapClub is for our membership to profile 50 microcaps that go on to be 10-baggers. This got me thinking, How many 10-baggers have there been over the last five years? Technically a 10-bagger is a 900% return, but for simplicity lets make it 1,000%. This week I screened all 24,000 public companies on all US Exchanges (including OTC) and all Canadian Exchanges for companies under $3 billion market cap that have risen 1,000% or more from their 5-year lows. The end result was 320 companies. I then went through the list one by one to delete shell companies and errors. The final tally came out to 120 companies. You can view the list below:


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      thanks Sean. Yes, it took quite a bit of time look through the entire list for errors. I think the list will be useful to see what types of companies make up the biggest winners and the types of businesses.

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  1. hi ian, i have a question that is completely unrelated to this. right now, im still a student with a small investment account. i don’t plan on making any withdrawal for many years to come, so should i go for some sort of deferred tax account?

    1. William K,

      If you are early in your career, chances are that you going to be in the higher tax bracket in the years to come. Now your tax liability is very small. Make your money tax free and put it in a tax exempt Roth IRA that you can manage on your own. You can put I think $5000 every year. 30-50 years from now you will be glad you were in tax exempt account rather than tax deferred account.

      Disclosure- I am not a tax consultant and the statements are my personal opinions.

  2. Ian,

    I have been searching for your blog without even knowing it. Thank you for being 1 out of a million. I am a young mother searching for way to give my daughter everything shes deserves with the little that I have. You have brought me hope. To a novice investor like myself, it seems as though you can not invest unless you have $50, 000+ to start but I refused to believe that is true! All of my research has brought me to this blog where I can finally get quality information. Thank you for changing my life.

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