Book Review: Getting There – A Book of Mentors

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Each day you wake up feeling uninspired, listen to or read something that will inspire you. It will make you 10x more productive. This is one of those books that I guarantee will recharge your batteries. “Getting There – A Book of Mentors” is a compilation of stories written by 30 leaders in diverse fields such as Warren Buffett, Kathy Ireland, Leslie Moonves, Laird Hamilton, Sara Blakely, John Paul Dejoria, etc. Each leader tells their story of hardship, failure, triumph, and lessons learned. The best part is each story is only 3-5 pages long, so you can spend 15 minutes to read a couple or several hours and read several. Either way, it’s pure inspiration.

The quote from Warren Buffett I used in this tweet was from this book:


Many look at successful people and believe their path was easy, a linear “up and to the right” chart. This is certainly not the case, and I enjoyed hearing about what these leaders had to overcome. I highly recommend the book.



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  1. I’m on this right now.
    Getting close to finishing up a book so just the thing I need because I haven’t been at 100% mentally lately. Slow and delayed projects getting frustrating so these stories of people who done it should help out.

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  2. Ian,

    I started reading this book last week at the suggestion of your tweet a while back..

    Just wanted to thank you for throwing this book out there, it has been an enjoyable read!


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