MicroCapClub is an exclusive forum for discussing the best microcap companies (sub $300m market cap) trading on United States and Canadian markets. MicroCapClub’s mission is to foster the highest quality microcap investor Community, produce Educational content for investors, and promote better Leadership in the microcap arena. Learn more About Us.
MicroCaps are publicly traded companies with market caps less than $300 million. Roughly 50% of all public companies on US and Canadian markets are microcaps.
It’s a known fact that Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and many other famous investing gurus got their start investing in microcaps. Why? Over the decades the microcap space has remained a very inefficient market.
We have hundreds of discussions on US and Canadian microcap companies. To help you become a better investor we have educational content covering investing strategies, intelligent fanatic CEOs, great investors, and more.
Since 2011, over 380 companies have been profiled on MicroCapClub. We turn over a lot of rocks looking for the next great company. We currently average 5+ new company profiles per month. In 2015, our members profiled and started discussions on 85 new microcap companies.
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Members: If you are an experienced microcap investor that has the time and ability to apply and participate on the members forum, then Membership is for you. The real question is, Are you good enough to become a member? Only a fraction who apply become members. Members also have participatory rules to keep their membership.

Subscribers: Due to demand from institutional and retail investors we have created view only Subscriber access. For those that don’t have the time and/or ability to apply to become a member, the subscriber option is for you. Instead of waiting weeks, months, or never, you can subscribe and gain instant access to our members forum. Subscribers also don’t have to worry about inactivity rules.

Yes, our #1 priority is finding great companies early. You have to turn over a lot of rocks to find the great companies. Our ten year goal is to find and profile 50 companies that go on to become 10-baggers (1,000%+ returns).

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Yes, every year we have meetups and gatherings for members. In 2016, we are having our first ever Microcap Leadership Summit which is exclusive to Members and Subscribers.
MicroCapClub is solely focused on microcap companies (sub $300 million market cap).


As a Member you are part of the most exclusive community of experienced microcap investors on the planet. Our #1 priority is finding great companies early. Profile new companies, discuss existing companies, and learn, follow and interact with your peers.
Membership can only be obtained by submitting an original 2-3-page investment thesis (application) on your favorite microcap stock. Applications are voted on by our membership for thoroughness and completeness. Due to the recent influx of new applications we will only be voting on new applications at the END OF EACH MONTH.
Only a fraction of applicants gain admission. If you fail to become a member, you can reapply in 90 days if you so desire or you can subscribe at anytime.
Yes, member performance is tracked via our Member Ranking System (MRS). This allows members, subscribers, and visitors to see who the best investors are on MicroCapClub.
The real time member count can be found on our homepage.
Yes. We are very serious about quality not quantity of membership. In fact, every day members are screened to make sure activity requirements are met. We have deleted over 140 members since 2013. Members will also be banned if our Rules of Conduct are broken.
  1. SEC, SEDAR, fully audited companies only
  2. Active members only. Inactive members will be deleted
  3. Spam, personal attacks, vulgarity, and egos are prohibited
  4. Sharing User/Password and sharing content from the Members Forum is prohibited


You are subscribing to VIEW ONLY access of our members forum.

We believe it’s important for potential subscribers to know what to expect. In some ways it’s best to describe what it isn’t. You are not subscribing to a traditional newsletter that hands you top ideas. We are more interested in teaching you how to fish than giving you fish. In many ways MicroCapClub turns an ocean of microcap stocks into a pond. Subscribing lets you learn from the top fisherman at that pond and also allows you to see what they are catching.

MicroCapClub was formed to be an idea engine for its members and allow collaboration among members. When you subscribe you gain instant access to our members forums. There are over 11,000 microcaps on US/Canadian exchanges. Our members are constantly sifting through these companies. With over 300 microcaps profiled and 5-10 new companies added on average each month, we have an ample flow of new microcap ideas. Not every stock profiled on MicroCapClub will be a winner. We’ve had many losers, but we’ve also found many great companies early. As a subscriber you can follow and learn from some of the best microcap investors online and see what companies they like.

We ONLY offer an annual subscription because we don’t want to attract short-term thinking
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  1. No Spam and No Solicitation
  2. Do not ask Members/Subscribers for investment advice. We are not investment advisors.
  3. Sharing content from our Members Forum is prohibited.
  4. One person per account only. Sharing Username/Password information is prohibited.
No, you can’t ask Members/Subscribers for investment advice. We are not investment advisors.
We do not offer any refunds
Yes, Subscribers can apply to be Members, but you will not receive a prorated refund.

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