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    • mikeonmicrocaps
    • 10bagger

    Hi 10 bagger,


    I will be speaking with Stewart this Thursday..  We should compare notes later in the week




    1. 10bagger



      If you have time, please call me before you speak with Stewart.  I spent about an hour with him today.  Thanks.




    • kenw
    • Ian Cassel

    until there is a day of reckoning about money supply and negative interest rates I like what an oz of gold can buy more than the oz

    • TdSmmns
    • Nick Cousyn

    Nick, you asked that if we wanted more details on the big block that is trading in EGI to DM you. I would like to know more about what may be going on here, The stock has been boxed for a while between 28 and 32 cents US and 37-40 cents canadian for a while. It's pretty predictable pattern with some large volume chinks being eaten up every now and then, just curious to know what's going on behind the scenes. Thanks for your time

    • SpeedyD
    • parkus


    any luck connecting w mgmt?

    1. parkus



      Yes, I spoke with Jeremy on Wednesday. Emailed him one more follow up question. Was waiting for the response on that before posting.

      WIll post as soon as I can.


    • SpeedyD
    • MikeDDKing

    Hi Mike,


    Interesting write up Elbit. Have you spoken with a customer or seen product in SC?

    1. MikeDDKing


      I haven't been to SC or spoken with a customer.  However, @G has spoken with a customer.  See this post:  

      Also, @Tomer Cohen met with the management team in their offices in Israel.  See this post:  

      Let's move any further conversation over to the Elbit forum:  


    • msz
    • Denver Smith

    GRC is terminal in my opinion, the only reason the dividend still exists is that CEO Steve Parry signed a five year lockup on his stock, he is draining out whatever he can.  They don't have the cash to pay the debentures, at some point will need to sell royalties or have a very dilutive round.  The dividend is pure fiction, it is a return of capital rather than a return on capital.  I know this stock intimately, but at the same time never want to talk  anyone out of a position that could end up being a winner, so let's just call this a friendly warning.

    • bz1516
    • familyofficegur

    Re: IEC

    Very nice write up!  While they have no official guidance, my impression is H2 will have a little lower margins, but a good bet that volume will improve.  That leaves me looking for $.58, just a shade under your .60.  Either way the company is still dirt cheap imo.

    I'm having a little trouble understanding what they do differently than their competitors?  My sense is they provide more advanced manufacturing services, but really haven't seen anything specific.

    Hoping you could comment on this?

    Thanks, Barry

    • jhellman
    • gregkitt

    Sorry for the 'cold call' type message here but I wanted to see if you have an interest in seeing management of ENW.V ( during an upcoming non deal road show.  They'll be in town Monday May 16th.  Message me back if you have potential interest and I can send you more info via direct email, etc.



    • jhellman
    • charybdis

    Sorry for the 'cold call' type message here but I wanted to see if you have an interest in seeing management of ENW.V ( during an upcoming non deal road show.  They'll be in town Monday May 16th.  Message me back if you have potential interest and I can send you more info via direct email, etc.



  2. clahiji

    My profile photo is the look of a man who has seen and heard practically everything. 

    • jorjen
    • Ian Cassel

    Jenene Thomas who is the head of I/R for Ceapro offered to do another conference call as early as next week.

    I know it has not been written up but I think this is a real gem long term and maybe you can make an exception and allow others to be on the call. I feel CZO is still in the very early innings.

    It is up to you and Mike.

    1. Philippe Belanger

      Philippe Belanger

      Hi jorjen,

      Mathieu and I will profile Ceapro for the MCC in the coming weeks. If you can help us gather information about the company, please do.

      Ian, don't worry, we're not paid to do it! ;)



    • kenw
    • Aaron

    Aaron, just had a 1x1 with Ryan & it may take awhile but my take is FDR's nothing to fear except fear itself. He is on it but not afraid nor is it as he put it something on his mind at night. Your point about obviousness is the central issue & I agree with you that the patent examiner was right & didn't when challenged do the work necessary to show that 3M "invention" had been used before the patent application even by 3M itself & that the use of one specific polymer was either obvious or no biggie & can in any event be worked around.


    1. Aaron


      Thx for update Ken.

    • bz1516
    • Nick Cousyn

    Nick, Are you aware the US is expected to sign an agreement today in Washington with Mongolia, upgrading diplomatic relations?  Not sure how this could impact the Khan judgment?

    As part of the new relationship the Philadelphia Orchestra is going to Ulan Baator, similar to what happened many years ago when the door was opened to China.

    There was a front page article in today's Philadelphia Inquirer that mentions the signing of the agreement and the orchestra's trip.

    Please update me if there is any color beyond what you have posted recently.



    1. Nick Cousyn

      Nick Cousyn

      I knew Mongolia's MoF was there this week meeting with Treasury, US Ex/Im, IMF & World Bank, but had not seen an announcement yet... I'll look forward to seeing the Philly Orchestra when they visit...

      Khan was +20% last night on massive volume (relatively speaking), I doubt the two events are disconnected, but need to sniff around for specifics.

      Everything is looking very good for Khan from my perspective, there was this out yesterday too-  

      Khan Resources asks Ottawa to stop Mongolian aid pending settlement for mine given to Russians

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