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    • mikeonmicrocaps
    • seb

    Hi Seb,

    I've been buying  AMPG in the  .03 to .05 cent range  I recently spoke to Fawad.  He said his options were a result of a "hostile takeover" attempt by microphase??


    He went on to say that he has no intent to exercise those options.  I believe him since that would dilute his current holdings.  I feel  their new  product development efforts may show some positive results during  Q  1/2


    Anyways, .03 is a good entry point

    Best Regards,


    • srg444
    • smallcapsteve

    Thoughts on Ianthus' latest deal in Florida? Seems like a needle mover

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    2. srg444


      I agree with you on the debenture raise--hence why I asked the question. Seems fully funded, although the debenture is expensive and short-term so it may make sense to raise some equity to refinance, etc.

      Agree with the peer multiple. I frankly am a bit shocked by this move...the FLA deal while a new event was somewhat telegraphed because they already had a 6% ownership position so not sure why getting full ownership would be that accretive (although I haven't candidly run the fully numbers). 


    3. smallcapsteve


      So there are two ways of looking at cannabis:

      1) Try to comprehend the numbers, pretty hard to be bullish on anything. I still like iAnthus here even if you just want to break down the numbers and look at the next 2-3 years...

      2) Compare it to relative companies... Grow Healthy basically trades at a 600M valuation on the public markets (Liberty Heath)... Plus NY.. Plus Mass.. Plus Vermont... Plus a small investment in Colorado and New Mexico... I think relative to peers we can get this to 1.5B-2B... At 80M shares FD... Gets us to some pretty high price targets...

      The thing about investing in Cannabis right now, is that you need to just accept these things are going to trade at stupid valuations until a year in when we can start to pick actual winners and losers...

      I honestly think this stock is just undiscovered by the retail investors who drives cannabis stocks right now, they are waking up to it... Most retail investors like to look at current revenue, rather than taking the time to look at how the sales landscape is shaping up.... Once Q3 numbers come up things are going to look very different..

    4. srg444


      All makes sense Steve.

    • Brian Huckstorf
    • Ian Cassel

    Thanks Ian.  I think TRUP should be moved too, if it’s not already?

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