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In 1972, Thomas Phelps wrote 100 to 1 In the Stock Market where he studied the 365 companies that made 100-Bagger returns from 1932 to 1971. In 2014, Chris Mayer wrote 100-Baggers. Mayer picked up where Phelps left off, studying the 365 (not a typo) companies that made 100-Bagger returns from 1962 through 2014. Both of these books are exceptional. We were honored to have Chris Mayer speak at our MicroCap Leadership Summit where he shared some of his findings.

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  1. 100 baggers is a great book, and I enjoyed hearing from the author Chris Mayer at the Micro Cap Leadership Conference… Thanks for posting, I will no doubt watch several times going forward…

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  2. 100 Baggers is a fine book and should be read by anyone seeking long-term growth in stocks.
    The appendix has a list of 100 baggers from 1962-2014. I don’t see Walmart on the list though.

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