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Membership is free but can only be obtained by submitting an application via a 2-3 page investment thesis on your favorite microcap stock. We want quality participating members that share a passion for microcaps. Applications are first screened by our partners and then brought to our membership at the end of each month for a vote. Each application requires a 70%+ approval by our membership. Historically, 18% of applicants gain approval. You can only re-apply every 90 days.



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Due to demand from institutional and retail investors, we are now providing a product that will allow View Only Access to our exclusive members forum. Our performance has proven that 140 experienced microcap investors searching for the next great company is much more powerful than any one individual. If you share our passion for microcaps, subscribe today.

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We have hundreds of discussions on US and Canadian microcap companies. To help you become a better investor we have educational content covering investing strategies, intelligent fanatic CEOs, great investors, and more.
Since 2011, over 380 companies have been profiled on MicroCapClub. We currently average 5-10 new company profiles per month. In 2015, our members profiled-started discussions on 85 additional microcap companies.
As a Member you are part of the most exclusive community of experienced microcap investors on the planet. Our #1 priority is finding great companies early. Profile new companies, discuss existing companies, and learn, follow and interact with your peers.
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We believe it’s important for potential subscribers to know what to expect. In some ways it’s best to describe what it isn’t. You are not subscribing to a traditional newsletter that hands you top ideas. We are more interested in teaching you how to fish than giving you fish. In many ways MicroCapClub turns an ocean of microcap stocks into a pond. Subscribing lets you learn from the top fisherman at that pond and also allows you to see what they are catching.

MicroCapClub was formed to be an idea engine for its members and allow collaboration among members. When you subscribe you gain instant access to our members forums. There are over 11,000 microcaps on US/Canadian exchanges. Our members are constantly sifting through these companies. With over 300 microcaps profiled and 5-10 new companies added on average each month, we have an ample flow of new microcap ideas. Not every stock profiled on MicroCapClub will be a winner. We’ve had many losers, but we’ve also found many great companies early. As a subscriber you can follow and learn from some of the best microcap investors online and see what companies they like.


“I have been a member of MCC for several years now and found my interaction with the club membership to be extremely beneficial. In sharing my work with the club, the extensive give and take, along with in-depth discussion of my work, has resulted in an improvement in my own processes which, in turn, has aided the management of my fund portfolio. Similarly, I have benefitted from ideas posted by other club members and by engaging in the same in-depth discussion I have found new ideas for inclusion in my portfolio while also, hopefully, helping my club colleagues refine their ideas.”

-Jeremy Hellman, Avenue T Fund, LP

“As a microcap fund manager, I regularly participate on MicroCapClub to source and share company ideas and collaborate with experienced microcap investors.”

-Neil Cataldi, Co-Manager
Blueprint Capital Management

“The MicroCap Club is a valuable resource for anyone who is passionate about investing in micro-cap stocks. In building the Club, Ian has consistently chosen quality over quantity as it relates to admitting members, and it shows. But what really makes the Club special is its culture—one that is characterized by openness, curiosity, and collegiality.”

-Graeme Rein
Yorkmont Capital

“I’m a part-time investor and over time I have found myself logging into MCC more and more. The combined efforts of so many quality investors supporting each other with their individual areas of expertise and research is a great resource with no equal. My investing skills have improved exponentially because of MicroCapClub.”

-Luke Steckel

“If you are serious about exposing yourself to the best investors and the best investment ideas in the microcap space, you need to make it a priority to join MicroCapClub as soon as possible. Trust me on this.”

-Chip Maloney

“MCC is formidable collection of entrepreneurial investors with a common focus on enhanced due diligence and sharing of investment ideas. Since inception, MCC members have brought to light some of the greatest companies in the smaller capitalization space – and in many cases, years before broader institutions started paying attention to these companies. As a private investor, being part of the MCC network provides a meaningful competitive edge.”

-Salim Najem

“The MicroCapClub is a perfect example of how the collective knowledge of a group of seasoned investors beats the individual. It is a fantastic network to generate new investment ideas and enhance one’s due diligence. Having greatly benefited from it, I highly recommend joining.”

-Gael Forterre
Armori Capital Management