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About MicroCapClub

MicroCapClub is the best idea generator, collaboration, and networking resource in the microcap space.

Founded in 2011, we are a community of 250+ experienced microcap investors searching for the next great company. Our community is focused on microcap companies (sub $500m USD market cap) trading on United States, Canadian, European, Australian/New Zealand, and Asian stock markets. MicroCapClub was created to be a platform for experienced microcap investors to share and discuss stock ideas. Investors can join our community by applying to become a member or subscribing to gain instant view only access. MicroCapClub’s mission is to foster the highest quality microcap investor Community, produce Educational content for investors, and promote better Leadership in the microcap arena. MicroCapClub was founded by full time microcap investor Ian Cassel.

Peter Lynch said: “The person that turns over the most rocks wins the game”, and this is what we do on MicroCapClub.

  • Since 2011, our members have profiled 1,000+ global microcap companies.
  • Since 2011, our members have profiled 200+ microcap companies that have doubled or more since they were profiled through the end of August 2023.
  • Since 2011, our members have profiled 164 companies that have gone on to be acquired.

Here is an Introduction to MicroCapClub that will give you a background, overview, and tour of MicroCapClub.

Why MicroCap?

A Microcap is a public company with a market capitalization less than $500 million. The microcap arena has historically been a breeding ground for undiscovered and misunderstood companies. Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and many other notable investors started their careers investing in microcap companies. Wal-Mart, Netflix, Celgene, Amgen, Intuitive Surgical, Monster Energy, even Berkshire Hathaway were once microcap companies. 446 companies managed to make 1000%+ returns between May 2012 to May 2022. 87% were microcap companies. There are a bunch of small stocks that will 10x over the next 10 years that are waiting to be found. Institutions can't buy them because they are too small and too illiquid. It is the retail investor’s duty to find the great ones early and collect the reward for doing so. Microcap investing is not without risk. You can reduce risk by focusing on the 18% of microcaps that are profitable and have an actual business.

We created the "Beginner's Guide to Researching MicroCap Stocks" as a tool to help you start the journey.