Morgan Housel on What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing

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Morgan Housel gave an incredible presentation on What Other Industries Teach Us About Investing at our second annual MicroCap Leadership Summit (MLS). Morgan Housel is a partner at The Collaborative Fund and a former columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. Morgan has won several notable financial journalist awards. I think most would agree that Morgan is one the best financial journalists in the world. Many in finance like to sound smart by making things complex. Successful people simplify things. I find the best thing about Morgan is he simplifies things extremely well. [FULL TRANSCRIPT]

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  1. Wow, that’s a really great data driven presentation. Really the only major factor in intelligent investing is a long term horizon.

  2. Great stuff. Amazing at how well he distills the key points. I had never listened or read his stuff prior to watching this video. Ended up buying a couple of his compilation of articles from Amazon.

  3. Superb.
    I agree 100%.
    More than 80% of the first generation entrepreneurs of great companies are not even graduates. Same applies to stock investing, wherein you are buying a piece of business.
    Thank you very much

  4. “People don’t get what they want or what they expect from the markets, they get what they deserve.”
    Thank for you for the timeless words of wisdom. You cannot control what happens around you, you can only control your reaction to them.

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