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Connor Haley Alta Fox Capital Management

"MicroCapClub is an invaluable source of idea flow, networking, and a great place to build a reputation among some of the best micro-smallcap stock pickers from around the world."

Paul Andreola Small Cap Discoveries

"Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned investor, I wholeheartedly recommend joining MicroCapClub – its unmatched community sets it apart from the rest."

Chip Maloney Private Investor

“If you are serious about exposing yourself to the best investors and the best investment ideas in the microcap space, you need to make it a priority to join MicroCapClub as soon as possible. Trust me on this.”

Neil Cataldi Blueprint Capital Management

“As a microcap fund manager, I regularly participate on MicroCapClub to source and share company ideas and collaborate with experienced microcap investors.”

Chris Plahm Tall Pines Capital

“The MicroCapClub is a valuable resource for anyone who is passionate about investing in micro-cap stocks. In building the Club, Ian has consistently chosen quality over quantity as it relates to admitting members, and it shows. But what really makes the Club special is its culture—one that is characterized by openness, curiosity, and collegiality.”

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MCC Profitable Index Q1 2024 Update

MCC Profitable Index Q1 2024 Update

Several multi-baggers are likely hiding in plain sight in the index. As part of our community, you gain access to this incredible tool and will be able to view its constituents.

2 min read


You make the most money by having a 1–3-year variant view on a business and buying the stock before the business turns up, inflects, or accelerates.

5 min read
The Ultimate Edge in Investing

The Ultimate Edge in Investing

Work every day to make your name, your word, your handshake, your counsel, worth more than the day before. Reputation means influence.

4 min read
You Have Time

You Have Time

Being “first’ to something isn’t as important as being right.

3 min read
Used Cars and Microcaps

Used Cars and Microcaps

Some of the best investing opportunities I’ve found are when a microcap company has a problem or series of problems that seem insurmountable but there’s a sensible plan in place to solve them.

7 min read


Mentors don't have to be perfect, they just have to teach you something.

5 min read
Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself

You must always be growing yourself ahead of your portfolio.

7 min read
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