Good Reasons to Ignore Valuation by Brian Feroldi

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Brian Feroldi presented “Good Reasons to Ignore Valuation” at the MicroCap Leadership Summit 2021. Brian is a freelance writer, podcast host, FinTwit content creator, and superstar of a human being. He has a real gift for distilling complex subjects down to simple, digestible nuggets of wisdom.

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  1. I don’t comment anymore on these presentations but I had to this time. You have hit on one of the great secrets of investing. I often wonder, looking at these great stocks, great companies, who is buying them. They don’t seem to write articles, books much. They have too much money to bother educating others.

  2. The point is that growth stocks did much better in the last years than value stocks. Growth stocks are usually expensive but have high sales and/or earnings growth. This is mainly explained by the interest rates that have only gone down for many years. This makes earnings of growth stocks in the distant future more attractive as these earnings are discounted with lower interest rates to the present day.
    But when interest rates rise, value stocks will shine again.

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