Micro Cap Club Interview with Portfolio Manager Robert Auer of the Auer Growth Fund (AUERX)

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I wrote about Robert Auer last week, and since then I reached out to him to do this interview. I first heard about Robert Auer several years ago when he started the Auer Growth Fund (AUERX).  He has deployed a strategy over the last 25 years that has been micro-small cap centric which has significantly beaten the markets performance over this time period.  Robert Auer managed private accounts at Morgan Stanley from 1986 – 2007 before starting The Auer Growth Fund in late 2007.  While at Morgan Stanley, Robert put into action an investment discipline first developed by his father, Bryan Auer.  The strategy did very well by turning $100,000 (1986) into $32 million (2007).  Robert Auer left Morgan Stanley in 2007, and started the Aeur Growth Fund by rolling the $32 million in private accounts into it and opening it up to public investment.  The fund manages around $130 million in assets today that is deployed across approximately 100 stock positions.  Since 1986, the strategy has outperformed almost everyone from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway to well known top fund managers.  I apologize for the audio quality, but it seems to be fine when Robert speaks. (Click the Play Arrow below, or you can download the full interview)

Robert Auer Interview

During this interview with Robert Auer, he discusses:

  • Robert’s background and who first introduced him to investing
  • Buying and Selling Strategies at the Auer Growth Fund
  • Trials and Tribulations in the early years of the fund
  • Educating investors on the volatility of the fund
  • Why Micro-Small Cap stocks are a big focus of the fund

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