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A 1500 Bagger Conversation with Ryan Pape CEO of XPEL

It isn’t every day you have the opportunity to listen and learn from a public company CEO that took a $1 million market cap to $2 billion with only 7% dilution.

Ryan Pape became CEO of XPEL in February 2009. The company was a $1 million market cap. The stock was at $0.04 per share. He personally bought stock and maxed out personal credit cards to pay off a company debt. Since 2009, XPEL has grown revenues from $3 million to $350 million TTM, from $500,000 is losses to $50 million in earnings TTM. 7% dilution in 14 years. The stock is now at $75 per share, a 150,000% return since Ryan became CEO. Jason Hirschman is the private investor that made more money from XPEL than anyone outside of insiders. He did the work few others did to form conviction. It’s time to learn from both of them.

The full transcription of the conversation can be found below the video. 

On June 7th, 2013, Paul Andreola profiled XPEL at $0.36 per share on our community (18,600% return). Since then, there have been 2,200 comments (87 pages) of chronological history covering XPEL on our community. All great companies started as small companies. Our mission is to find them first. 

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