MicroCapClub Interview with Adam Epstein Author of The Perfect Corporate Board

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Adam Epstein is a corporate director, and a special advisor to small-cap companies through his firm, Third Creek Advisors, LLC (“TCA”). He is the author of The Perfect Corporate Board: A Handbook for Mastering the Unique Challenges of Small-Cap Companies (New York: McGraw Hill, 2012). Prior to founding TCA, Mr. Epstein co-founded and was a principal of Enable Capital Management, LLC (“ECM”). During his tenure, ECM’s special situation hedge funds invested in more than 500 small-cap financings in the United States, the European Union, and Australasia. During this interview, we cover a broad range of topics relating to micro-smallcap companies. (Click the Play button below to Listen).

 MicroCapClub Interview with Adam Epstein

During this Interview with Adam Epstein, we discuss:

  • His background and early career
  • His experiences funding over 500 micro-smallcap companies
  • Why did he write the book?
  • Micro-Smallcap financing, liquidity, and communication issues
  • The future of microcaps

The MicroCapClub (mc2) is an exclusive microcap forum focused on microcap companies (sub $300m market cap). The MicroCapClub was created and founded by Ian Cassel as a way to share ideas and to learn from other seasoned like-minded microcap investors. Our goal at MicroCapClub.com is quality membership and quality stock ideas.  If you are an experienced micro cap investor, feel free to Apply today.

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Ian is a full-time microcap investor. He is the founder of MicroCapClub, CIO of Intelligent Fanatics Capital Management, and co-founder of IntelligentFanatics.com. Ian started investing as a teenager and learned from losing his money over and over again. Microcap companies are the smallest public companies that exist, representing 48% of all public companies in North America. Berkshire Hathaway, Wal-Mart, Amgen, Netflix, and many others started as small microcap companies. Ian’s belief is the key to outsized returns is finding great companies early because all great companies started as small companies.

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