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MicroCap Experts

Our MicroCap Experts produce educational content and can be found on our community.

Ian Cassel Founder

Ian Cassel is the founder and owner of MicroCapClub. Ian is an experienced microcap investor with a 20+ year track record of investing in intelligent fanatic-led businesses that are misunderstood by the marketplace. Since 2018 he has served as CIO of Intelligent Fanatics Capital Management LLC, where he works with private wealth clients to provide them with intelligent exposure to the smallest public companies in the world. Ian sits on the editorial advisory board of the Small Cap Institute, a private community of small cap CEOs, board members, institutional investors and journalists creating educational content to help executives navigate small-cap challenges. Ian has co- authored two books: Intelligent Fanatics Project – How Great Leaders Build Sustainable Businesses and Intelligent Fanatics – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.


Ian Cassel

Sean Iddings Chief Community Officer

Sean Iddings is the Chief Community Officer at MicroCapClub. Sean has been investing in microcaps for over a decade and owns/operates Immersion Factory LLC, one of the largest real estate photography businesses in Upstate New York. Sean has co-authored two books: Intelligent Fanatics Project - How Great Leaders Build Sustainable Businesses and Intelligent Fanatics - Standing on the Shoulder of Giants.


Sean Iddings

Mike Schellinger Contributor

Mike (aka MikeDDKing) has two decades of investing experience primarily in micro caps. He became a full-time private investor and trader in 2006 after his investing hobby became more profitable than his corporate job managing the development of software for cellular telephones. His specialty is in finding rapidly growing, profitable micro caps that are extremely undervalued and unknown. He spends most of his day turning over every rock he can find to locate those hidden gems.


Mike Schellinger

Chip Maloney Contributor

Chip Maloney is a Canadian-based private investor and has been investing primarily in non-resource Canadian microcaps for 15 years. His investment style could be summed up as GULP (Growth at an Ultra Low Price). When he is not doing investment-related reading, you can find him running, biking, skiing or spending time with his wife and daughter.


Chip Maloney

Jeff Gramm Contributor

Jeff Gramm is the author of Dear Chairman, a colorful and insightful history of shareholder activism that has been described as “a grand story” and an “illuminating read” by the Wall Street Journal, “a revelation” by the Financial Times, and “an excellent read” by Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times. Jeff manages a hedge fund and teaches value investing at Columbia Business School. He has served on several public company boards of directors.


Jeff Gramm

Neil Cataldi Contributor

Neil Cataldi has 15+ years of Wall Street experience including roles as an Options market-maker/Specialist, Derivatives Strategist, and Portfolio Manager. He launched Blueprint Capital Management in 2012 which is a Microcap equity strategy focused on the Technology and Consumer sectors. If you asked his 6 year old twin boys what he does for a living, they would say, “the stock market game.” Little do they know he takes the “game” very seriously.


Neil Cataldi

Rod MacIver Contributor

Rod MacIver is an investor and writer living in the Adirondacks, Florida and Vermont. He focuses on companies with a sustainable competitive advantage or “moat” as reflected in extraordinary profitability, little or no debt and minimal capital expenditure requirement. He publishes the Quality Company Analysis report, which offers in-depth research into the highest-quality companies trading on U.S exchanges.

Rod MacIver

Sean Marconi Contributor

Sean started analyzing micro cap companies at the age of 18 and has been hooked ever since. True Religion (TRLG) was his first experience seeing a company go from .75 to 25 dollars over a 4 year period. He enjoys visiting companies and “kicking the tires” as an integral part of his research. Sean enjoys finding the real gems in microcap, doing extensive due diligence, and communicating with other likeminded investors.


Sean Marconi

Jason Revland Contributor

Jason Revland is a co-founder of Blueprint Capital Management, a registered investment advisor that invests in Small and MicroCap companies. Founded in 2012, Blueprint seeks to deliver outsized investment returns for its individual and institutional clients through fundamental, active security selection and by exploiting market inefficiencies common to smaller companies. Jason is married, lives outside Philadelphia, enjoys fresh food and owns a guitar he has never played.


Jason Revland

Adam Epstein Contributor

Adam J. Epstein is the founder of Third Creek Advisors LLC, where he advises the boards of pre-IPO and small-cap companies. He is the author of The Perfect Corporate Board: A Handbook for Mastering the Unique Challenges of Small-Cap Companies (McGraw Hill, 2012), and a contributing author to The Handbook of Board Governance: A Comprehensive Guide for Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit Board Members (Wiley, 2016). Epstein is a key contributor to Nasdaq’s Amplify small-cap content platform, an advisor to the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, the author of the “Entrepreneurial Governance” column in Directorship magazine, and a National Association of Corporate Directors Board Leadership Fellow and faculty member. Prior to governing and advising small-cap companies, Epstein co-managed special situation hedge funds operated by Enable Capital Management LLC that invested in more than 500 small-cap financings. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, and on CNN Presents, and he has undertaken more than 80 speaking engagements around the world since 2012.

Adam Epstein

Mark Vonderwell Contributor

Mark Vonderwell is a private investor with 18 years experience in the stock market. He now focuses almost exclusively on spinoffs, divestures, strategy changes, and other special situations looking for growth at a value price. His most successful special situation investment went up 100 times in 18 months. Somehow he was both in too soon and out too soon so that he managed to only double his money. Online he goes by his childhood nickname “googie”. He’s married to a beautiful “stock widow” and has four spinoffs hitting their teen years.


Mark Vonderwell

Rukun Duggal Contributor

Rukun Duggal is an Investment Partner at Chandern. He has 14 years of experience on Wall Street at Morgan Stanley, Jefferies and Citigroup. Prior to that, he has 12 years of experience in senior operational and managerial roles.

Rukun has an MBA from Columbia Business School and undergraduate degrees in Neuroscience and English Literature from Oberlin College. Rukun is a member of MicroCapClub.


Rukun Duggal