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MicroCapClub Happy Hour with Michael Shearn

Michael Shearn is a fund manager, author, who explains his process of finding great leaders and companies.

In this episode we interview author and fund manager Michael Shearn. I’m a big fan of Michael because his investment style is truly unique. He does not fit into any box. He wrote a book on checklists but he spends most of his time evaluating management. He focuses on finding great leaders and yet he never meets with management. He mainly invests in technology companies, so you you would think he wouldn’t be price disciplined and yet he is insanely disciplined. He currently owns 5 positions and 40% cash. Can you see why I find him so fascinating? You will enjoy this interview with Michael Shearn.

Michael Shearn founded Time Value of Money (TVM) in 1997 which is devoted to investing in the most innovative leaders of our time who are operating growing businesses that customers love, and where the most talented people want to work.  He is the author of The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research which is a practical guide to making more informed investment decisions.

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