From MicroCap to LargeCap with Brian Bares

From MicroCap to LargeCap with Brian Bares

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Brian Bares and Ian Cassel discuss Bares Capital Management’s ascension from microcap to largecap at the MicroCap Leadership Summit 2021. Brian Bares founded Bares Capital Management in 2000. He launched the firm as a concentrated microcap strategy. As the firm succeeded, they moved up the food chain to smallcap, and then mid-large cap. 21 years later the firm has $5+ billion in assets under management. The two constants or pillars of the firm have been their focus on concentrating (10 stock portfolios) and qualitative, investing in quality and on the ground qualitative research. Brian is a real success story for microcap investors to emulate and also emerging managers on how to build a differentiated investing strategy whose edge can scale up and out of microcap.

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